In a culture that worships busyness, DWELL Sunday school curriculum encourages kids to pause and wonder, imagine, and interact with different parts of God’s Story. And as they do, they’ll discover that God is still at work in the world and in their lives. DWELL can awaken kids to God’s amazing invitation to find their own place in his story, to live into and out of it for the rest of their lives.
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Opening imaginations. To the whole story.
With DWELL, God’s story will stir kids’ hearts with excitement and anticipation. DWELL is designed to challenge children to use their imaginations to wonder how people in God’s Story must have felt and experienced things, allowing them to step into the Story. This promotes both long-term retention and deeper understanding.

DWELL leaves space for open-ended wondering questions, allowing the Holy Spirit to work as kids discover truth through exploration at every grade level. They become immersed in God’s Story instead of only learning facts, morals, and principles. They’ll learn to find their place in God’s ongoing mission of renewal and redemption.
Developing skills. For an ongoing journey of faith.
How do I understand the Bible? What does it mean for now? DWELL approaches the whole Bible in a way that ignites the imagination and engages kids on a deeper level, breaking through their busy minds and producing moments of awe. Kids can learn that God’s story is still going on today and that they can be a part of that story in meaningful ways.

Imagine a generation of kids that have stepped into God’s Story and are actively participating in His work of redemption and restoration. Through DWELL, kids will learn how to approach each day as a chance to live out God’s big story of hope and love. These skills of wondering and then living out of God’s Story will carry them through the rest of their lives.
Simple for you. Profound for them.
DWELL is designed with a beautiful simplicity. There aren’t a ton of supplies to gather or dramas to memorize. The story itself really drives each lessons, and the profound moments come from the kids themselves as they wonder and imagine and explore the story each week.

“What might Abraham have felt when God told him to go to a new land?” “What would he do to prepare for that kind of journey?” These kinds of questions represent the approach used throughout DWELL. The result is an experience that is more substantial, more interactive, more memorable...and ultimately more transformative for each child.
In DWELL, kids do more than hear a story. They experience it. And each level of DWELL has a name that reflects that experience.

Play Preschool
Imagine K-1st Grades
Wonder 2nd-3rd Grades
Marvel 4th-5th Grades
Dive 6th-8th Grades